Shizuka Arakawa – Graceful Always

Shizuka Arakawa

Shizuka Arakawa, a Japanese girl, received the gold medal for determine skating within the 2006 Olympic Games held in Italy. She is a Japanese girls’s determine skating champion. What marked this skater and her achievement as a remarkable moment was the fact that she was the first Asian women to win the gold medal in this category.

She achieved this by performing with clean error free skating with no falls during the event. She proved herself technically accomplished by making spins and spiral moves seemingly without effort and she also presented herself very well artistically and managed the victory marking it as a greatest moment in her professional life.

Shizuka Arakawa
Shizuka Arakawa

By this achievement she was also marked as the second oldest women to win a gold medal in figure skating in Olympics.

This remarkable event was achieved by her great efforts. She in fact, planned to retire in the year 2004 but her winning of a gold medal in world championship competition made her change her plans and she continued her professional career. By putting forth much effort and hard work, in 2006 she achieved another one of the golden moments of her professional life.

She stated after this achievement that she paved the way of hope for professionals in her field by continuing her career and achieving the greatest things possible in her field. This achievement brought her lot of fame and notoriety from people in her country.

Though she had various records and achievements in her field, we will only name a few here: Including first place in the world championships held in Germany in 2004, thirteenth place in the 1998 Olympics held in Japan, Second place in 2005 at the International challenge held in Japan and so on.

The 2006 Olympics marked the greatest remarkable achievement and moment for her since Olympics is the event in which every person involved strives to achieve the gold medal as it is the place of union of like-minded people from all over the world. Her present coach is Nikolai Morozov who is a former figure skater from Belarus.

She brought fame to her coach and country with her achievement. She is one of the tallest lady skaters and her specialty is her spins and jumping ability and she was noted because she could make difficult triple-triple combinations easily.

She made her performance at the 2006 Olympics event with such grace and flare that she was praised by Katarina Witt who was the Olympic champion two times and thus made it an especially memorable moment for Arakawa in her career. She gave an emotion-filled presentation combined with speedy moves.

She presented the sign of V symbolizing Victory during her free skating presentation in 2006. With this feat she was became the first Japanese female to achieve the gold medal in figure skating in Olympic history. Thus she bought fame with her achievement and the whole of Japan was filled with exceptional happiness when she won the gold medal in the Olympics, marking it as a golden moment not only for her but also for Japan.

This was because the figure skating in Olympics was normally won by European and North American countries in the past. This trend was broken by Arakawa’s achievement marking herself as the first Asian to win the gold medal in Olympic figure skating. Also another achievement of hers is the she was the only Japanese female to win a medal at all in the winter Olympics of 2006. This achievement of hers is a positive and remarkable moment not only for her but also gave strength to Japanese athletes and also paved a way of hope for future athletes from Japan.

The gold medal she won in the Olympics during 2006 is an exceptionally remarkable and great moment since she had already represented Japan in the 1998 winter Olympics and could only achieve thirteenth place. She made up for this in 2006 and she bought fame to her country and to herself by achieving a great name in freestyle figure skating by her extraordinarily speedy moves and flawless jumps.

She claimed this remarkable victory by her gathering her strength putting deep and flowing edges to the ice, culminated by three triple jumps and deserved the victory. She also caused an uproar of applause from the crowd as she performed her new moves creatively and effortlessly. Thus this golden moment of Arakawa changed the trend of European and North American countries which had previously had the upper hand in Olympics, especially in the freestyle skating category.

The new skating judgment system proves to be highly demanding and also difficult to satisfy since they expect creativity, elegance and precise quick moves and also apart from putting one’s full effort and hope one also must think creatively and have sound technical knowledge in freestyle skating moves to achieve this incredible position.

This was proved by Arakawa in her moment of glory and remarkable achievement in the Olympic games of 2006 which she made with graceful, technically creative speedy moves. Namely variations of a spread-eagle move with her toes pointing in opposite directions and thus, made a clean, error-free-skating performance.

Career Highlights

2006 Turin Olympic Games – Gold

2004 World Championships – Gold

2003 Asian Winter Games – Gold

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