Making Your Own Herb Planters

Making Your Own Herb Planters

Herb gardening is a very rewarding hobby to enjoy inside or outside your home. There are many benefits to growing your own fresh herbs, from using them for cooking or for alternative health purposes.

Using fresh herbs will enhance all your favorite recipes. You will always have fresh, organic herbs on hand which will save you money.

In order to grow herbs at home, you’ll need some herb planters. Although herb planters aren’t all that expensive, you can save a few bucks when you make your own as opposed to buying them.

This article will give you some instructions on constructing your own herb planters for your indoor or outdoor herb garden.

Choose Your Materials

Making Your Own Herb Planters

For small plants, a good choice for growing herbs is any typical pot for plants that you may already have laying around or a cardboard box with the bottom lined with heavy foil and set on a tray.

To make a large herb planter you can use a piece of plywood for the bottom and cut four pieces of plywood for the sides. Use a staple gun to hold the sides together after you have used wood glue to reinforce them. Cut several holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

Where to Find Your Materials

Making Your Own Herb Planters

Any hardware or salvage yard will have materials that you can make an herb planter out of. Use your imagination and find creative containers for your herbs to grow in. Almost anything could become an herb planter.

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