Herb Garden Design Plans: An Elementary Guide

Herb Garden Design Plans

Building Herb Gardens is a useful way to distract your mind from the pressures of everyday life. You will enjoy endless hours of peace and joy maintaining these beautiful plants.

It doesn’t take a degree in landscaping to create a beautiful herb garden design. It will take some careful thought and planning about what you wish to accomplish.

Studying tips and guidelines from experts in this area will ensure that you are satisfied with the results that you gradually achieve.

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The Basics of Herb Garden Design

The Basics of Herb Garden Design

Visiting other plants collections that are well established is a great way to get ideas before you begin.

It’s important to find out about pests that can be introduced by exotic plants and you should also find out about things like a plants susceptibility to decay and stagnation when transplanted.

Each herb gardener should decide exactly what he wants to accomplish with his design. From the beginning this should be the central focus of your collection.

A professional herbalist would be more concerned with getting the most produce out of his garden. On the other hand a nature lover would be more concerned with the beauty and texture of the garden design. A cook may only care about a variety of different fresh herbs to have on hand at all times.

Limitations and Customs of an Herb Garden Design

Limitations and Customs of an Herb Garden Design

Herb garden design is considered an ancient tradition and will often be designed according to medieval customs. In the ancient medieval homes herb gardens were necessary for medicine, seasoning and dyes.

If you have a more contemporary style, don’t be bound to the ancient designs for herb gardens of the past. Freely use your own imagination when creating your own charming collections.

Space limitations may also require that you depart from classic herb garden design. Some of us are lucky enough to live in large palaces that leave plenty of room for generous herb gardens as a part of the landscape.

However, some of us prefer the convenience of a densely populated urban area so we must be innovative enough to squeeze a large collection of plants into a relatively tiny area. Herb garden design plans can be flexible to fit any available space and situation.

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