Food To Gain The Muscle Mass

When you lifting some weights or doing some similar resistance exercises, it’s crucial to “feed” your muscles, and also it is very important what kind of food you will consume before you start.

Here is the list of certain food that will help you with the process of strengthening your muscles:

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benerfits almonds for muscle mass

The almonds contain a lot of proteins and will give you a feeling of satiety. Although they contain some fats, these fats are natural and good, and they also can help you to reduce the bad cholesterol. Of course, it is very important to recognize the border to consume the almonds, as well as with any other food, and try not to exaggerate.


health benefits of eggs for muscle mass

The eggs are one of the largest sources of proteins that can boost the muscles.

Very often their use is often interrupted because of the high level of the cholesterol they contain, but some recent studies have shown that the cholesterol from egg yolk does not have a significant effect on the blood cholesterol levels.

In any case, due to safety measures, it is recommended to limit the consumption of the eggs, or more exactly, maximum of two per day.

Although many people consume the eggs alive, it is not advisable. It is good to know that the eggs contain salmonella bacteria, which can be very harmful to your health, so always prepare them before turning them in your meal.


salmon for muscle mass

In addition to the benefits of the proteins, the salmon fish is always a healthy choice because of the omega 3 fatty acids. They also feed the brain to stay focused on your exercise techniques. After cooking, squeeze some lemon onto it and eat it with some vegetable salad. It is desirable to eat up to two pieces of bread, for more energy.

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