Fall Lawn Care Steps and Tips

Fall Lawn Care Steps 1

It’s fall and it is so nice to not have to worry so much about the lawn. But wait, wasn’t there something that we are suppose to do before winter comes?

Well, there is something you need to be doing.  Fall is the time to prepare for Spring.  This is the time that is the most important as far as fall lawn care.  If you follow the simple steps listed, then you will have a healthy, lush lawn for the next year.

Fall Lawn Overseeding

fall lawn care guide

If you have a section of your lawn that has died over the summer, then this is the time to reseed that.  You will want to get a high quality seed mixture to put over these spots.

Now is the time that the ground is cooler and retains moisture needed for the seed to take root.  It is important to place some mulch over it to retain the moisture for a few days.

You may also throw some seed all over your lawn and it will help it to be stronger in the spring.  Another reason this is such a great time is the grass will not be fighting with the weeds and bugs that would normally get in the way.

Fall Lawn Fertilization

Fall Lawn Care Steps 1

If you were to only fertilize your lawn once a year, which I don’t advise, but if you were, Fall would be the time to do it.  Your lawn has been using up nutrients for growth for months now and is in need of replenishment.

There are fertilizers that are made for the cooler weather, to prepare your lawn for a beautiful green lawn in the spring.  October is the best month to do this due to the quick weather changes that occur in November.

Another thing that is very healthy for your lawn is aeration.  This gives your lawn some breathing room to help the nutrients get further into the ground.

This can be done with a machine that you can rent, or there are a number of lawn services that will come and do it for you.  It is just another great fall lawn care step that should be done.

Fall Lawn Cleanup

Fall Lawn Care Steps 2

The last fall lawn care step we have is the clean up.  Mowing will need to be done, but not as short as you have during the summer.  Keep it a little longer and if you use a bagger mower, make sure you don’t leave clippings on the grass, and this is also very important with the leaves that are falling.

Make sure your lawn is clean and free of lawn debris before the snow flies or the ground freezes. You can use a leaf blower to help clean the thousands of leaves that have fallen.

Fall Lawn Care Steps

If you have a mulching mower, then you have the advantage.  Mulching the grass and leaf clippings actually puts nutrients back into your lawn which will only enhance the fertilizer treatment you have already applied.

Fall is the time that you are preparing your lawn for a nice winters rest and to come back strong and healthy in the Spring.  Just to recap the fall lawn care steps, you need to first check for spots that need seeding.

fall lawn care tips

Use a high quality seed mixture, don’t skimp on this.  Next you want to aerate and fertilize.  Talk to your local garden shop as to the right mixture for your temperatures and size of lawn.

Last of all, is to have your lawn clean of clippings and leaves.  Then when the snow melts, you will be the first in the neighborhood with a lush green lawn.

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