Dale Begg-Smith – The Olympic hero of Australia

Dale Begg-Smith is the Olympic hero of Australia in recent days even though he happens to be Canadian. His nickname is the Iceman and his golden moment was when he won the gold medal in skiing at the Winter Olympic Games in Torino in 2006.

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Dale Begg-Smith


His initial footing phase in Australia was quite difficult. In his early years he worked at skiing just so that he could qualify to represent Australia. He spent three whole years doing this to prove that he had what it took to make Australia a winner at the Olympics. He worked at becoming technically sound in all aspects of skiing by attending training programs

in Australia and he proved himself the best in Olympics by bagging the gold medal and thus earning the title as Iceman. All of that hard work really did pay off for him and for the country of Australia. Another remarkable aspect of his achievement is this gold bagged by him is Australia’s first gold to be won in this category. This event proved to be a great moment for him as well as his country.

His style is to make a lot of twists and turns in his show but all with total control. He was born in Vancouver and he learned skiing along with the rest of his family and became technically strong in this profession, which helped him achieve his great moment of success.

He performed a brilliant back flip, which earned the title as the golden boy of the slopes. His performance was perfect and error free, which earned him the high score that won him the victorious and glorious moment of winning gold in the Winter Olympic Games at Torino.

This achievement is a milestone in Begg-Smith’s career not only because he bagged gold for his country but because he was an inspiration for his competitor, an Australian teammate named as Fisher. Fisher won the twelfth place in this show and stated that this was his best performance and he could not have done it without the inspiration of Dale Begg-Smith.

Smith knew that he always wanted to win the gold in the Olympics right from the age of eight when he watched a Frenchman named Jean Luc Brassard win gold in his Olympic event. This inspiration was the root of his success and his determination.

There was talk that he would become as successful as he is now even before he got to the Olympics. For example in 2003 and 2004 he skied for Australia and he showed that he had the ability to represent his new country on a large scale, a world level. The more he won the more determined he was to keep winning and to keep proving himself over and over again. And as he pushed himself to new levels he conquered them every single time without fail.

He had many successes in his professional career and to name a couple there is the win in 2003-2004 when he won eighteenth in world cup ranking, and another when bagged the bronze medal in Freestyle world championship in Finland and really the list just goes on and on. But none of these events compare to winning the gold in Torino. The fact that he won the first gold for Australia in this category is just the icing on the cake.

Dale did not always compete for Australia. There was a time when he and his brother Jason skied for Canada but as that team did not allow for them to balance their skiing with their other responsibilities such as school they moved on. So they both left to go to Australia as instructed by Canadian Coach Steve Desovich. This worked out well for Dale and because of his parents background he got dual citizenship and joined the Australian Team and this is the place where Dale did a record and bought fame to his new country Australia.

Career Highlights

2010 Vancouver Olympics – Silver

2006 Torino Olympics – Gold

2007 World Championships – Gold, Silver

2005 World Championships – Bronze

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