Container Flower Gardening Ideas

Container Flower Gardening Ideas

Can you imagine anything better than the beauty and fragrance of fresh, blooming flowers? Do you lack the space for a flower garden bed?

You may discover that container flower gardening may be the perfect solution for you. Container gardening can be done almost anywhere, including your high rise apartment patio and next to that narrow walkway leading to your townhome.

It allows you to add a touch of beauty and color to the patio or porch of any home, even under some of the most space limiting conditions.

It’s simple to get started. Just go to your favorite garden center and pick up a container or two. Fill it with potting soil and the flowers of your choice for a beautiful accent to your home. Provide water according to the directions that came with your plants, and watch your beautiful new container garden grow.

Start with the Proper Container

Container Flower Gardening Ideas - Start with the Proper Container

The really great thing about container flower gardening is that the containers that you choose to use can be almost anything that has enough depth and drainage to hold your plants. You should find plenty of choices at your local nursery or home center.

Keep in mind that each pot has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, terracotta pots can dry out more quickly, which means that you must water your flowers more frequently.

Plastic is another popular material, but it does not hold up as well under the sun’s harsh UV rays. Ceramic pots can be beautiful but require lots of drainage, and containers made of wood can eventually rot.

You can also choose to go with the unusual, using an old wagon or even a rain boot to provide a fun container for your plants. Just make sure that you provide drainage and properly care for your plants, no matter what kind of container that you choose.

Choosing Plants for your Container Flower Garden

Container Flower Gardening Ideas - Choosing Plants for your Container Flower Garden

Plant selection is the next step in your container flower garden. You should take into consideration which flowers will do the best in containers.

For example, if your pots are going to be left on the ground, select a couple of taller plants for the center like spikes or tall flowering varieties.

Next, fill the area around the center plants with shorter blooming plants like zinnias or marigolds. For a nice effect, include a few that will cascade down the side of the pot like some species of petunias or ivies.

When designing a container flower garden, it is best to choose a single color scheme and stick with it, such as red and yellow flowers, or orange and purple. Other ideas might include a red, white and blue theme to celebrate the Fourth of July, or gold and burgundy flowers for a fall display.

Be creative when planning your container flower garden, not just in the containers and flowers that you choose but also with where you place the containers around your home.

This small amount of planning ahead of time will pay off big time when enjoying the beautiful colors and fragrances of your very own flower garden.

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