Apartment Gardening Ideas and Tips

Apartment Gardening ideas for small spaces

Apartment Gardening Ideas and Tips – Living in an apartment doesn’t have to keep a person from planting a garden of fresh flowers, vegetable and herbs. There are so many varieties of plants that can be grown in containers, window boxes and patio beds.

Many plants, vegetables and flowers can be grown in any container that is large enough. The only limit is your wallet and your imagination.

Many apartments will have a small or medium size patio that is perfect for apartment gardening. For the apartment dwellers that don’t have a patio there is the option of placing containers in the sunlight of a window. There are also many plants that can flourish in the shade.

For the patio that doesn’t have much room, there are plants that can climb walls or fences. Hanging baskets can be used for strawberries. These are just a few of the tips that can help those living in apartments to enjoy growing a garden.

Apartment Gardening Tips balcony

Annuals are great for apartment gardening. The apartment tenant won’t have to worry about bringing in all the plants when the weather gets cold. If you are planting an apartment garden consider the fact that some flowers attract insects and some will actually repel some insects as well as rodents. If you plan it right your garden can actually double as a pest management system.

Choose the Right Gardening Containers

Apartment Gardening ideas for small spaces

After the types of plants have been chosen for the apartment garden, the right container for each kind of plant is the next step to having a successful garden.

Vegetables can often be planted from a seed in one container and then transplanted into a more appropriate container after it has reached the right stage of maturity.

However, there is always the risk of traumatizing the plants each time they are transplanted so it is best not to do this too often. Certain varieties of plants, like tomatoes, can handle one replanting without any trauma but only if it is done before they begin to produce fruit.

Take into consideration how big the plant will get when it is full grown when choosing containers for your plants. Another thing to think about is how big the plant could grow if it had room to keep growing unhampered.

Apartment Gardening Tips

A bucket or a ceramic dish may look great on your porch but if it isn’t big enough for the plant then your apartment garden will be stifled.

The perfect apartment garden plants are those that thrive in small areas. There are many varieties for you to choose from.

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